Launching in Spain in 04/2022. 

Coming to Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Canada , Mexico
Very Soon…

Our passion is to help you achieve a doubt-free life  
& embrace your forgotten talents 
through a combination of 
Proven Western Psychological  & Eastern Healing 


Mobile 24/7 App with Pre-Recorded Events. You will learn what is really holding you back. Equip yourself with the necessary tools.


LIVE & / Or Online. Heal individually, discover your authentic self and create a new path.


Once you have healed, learn & practice new soft skills to support you in your life and business.

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We are only taking on a maximum of 25 clients in the launch phase at a PREFERENTIAL OFFER of JUST  $99/month. Be one of the first ones to get notified when we launch our trainings and mentorships. Our trainers get booked very fast, so join the list and get notified as soon as we open up memberships. Its free to join the list and you have ZERO commitment right now.

Our Team

Manoj Shivnani

Spain ( W.Europe Director )

Businessman, Arbitrator at Law, NLP Master Practitioner, Enneagram Master Practitioner.

Kusum Vig Gandhi

India ( Group President )

Counselling Psychologist, NLP Trainer, Eneagram Master Practitioner, Akasha Healing Trainer.

Sulogna Gupta

India ( Asia Director )

Counselling Psychologist, NLP Master Practitioner, Enneagram Master Practitioner.

Julija Kubova

Lithuania ( E.Europe Director )

Certified Psychologist, Enneagram Trainer, NLP Trainer.

“20 years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do,

than by the ones you did.

So SAIL away from the harbour… DREAM, DISCOVER.”

( Mark Twain )